Our commitment to sustainable business


As a company we are involved with an industry where our activities have a significant influence over, and potential impact upon, the communities in which we operate. This affects the environmental, social and Economic stability in which these communities exist.

Sustainability is a broad term, covering everything from energy efficiency and use of renewable technologies, to incorporation of green infrastructure and adaptation of buildings to climate change. Our focus is on adopting a co-ordinated approach at all stages of the life cycle of buildings, including conception, briefing, design, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and ultimate disposal.

Intek 3 Construction considers sustainability in its every day operation covering areas such as;

  • Energy & Carbon emissions
  • Climate Change
  • Design
  • Material procurement
  • Resource efficiencies
  • Pollution
  • Waste Management
  • Air Quality
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Quality of life
  • Alternative technologies
  • Bio-diversity
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Building Management & Performance
  • Efficient Construction methods

Sustainability Goals

  • Continue to develop our staff through training in accordance with both our mandatory and soft skills matrix and offering sponsorship where appropriate to meet the individuals aspirations.
  • Support local communities via sponsorship, local employment, working with local educational providers and businesses.
  • Set annual goals to improve the impact of our activities by setting achievable objectives and targets.
  • Development of data retrieval to ensure improved monitoring and initiative implementation.
  • Collaborate with our supply chain at design and tender stage to influence and reduce where possible environmental project impact on communities.
  • Champion awareness within our company and supply chain.
  • Increase company profitability by implementing our sustainable strategy and minimising our energy usage by procurement of an energy management system to ISO50001.


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